Tiffany Desk Lighting For Today’s Decor

The stained glass work of Louis Comfort Tiffany and his studio became popular around 1902 when Tiffany Studios formed. Tiffany wanted to work with glass impregnated with minerals, thus spreading the element of color evenly through the glass instead of having a layer of paint sitting on the surface of the glass, as most glass artists up to that time had done. Many of Tiffany’s works employed curvilinear and organic elements, bringing the word splendor to mind. Individual pieces of the cut glass were edge wrapped in copper foil before their assembly. Tiffany Studios created jewelry, pottery, paintings, art glass, leaded-glass windows, and lamps games for office

The original Tiffany Studios stopped production in 1932. However, to this day there are artisans engaged in the making of stained glass pieces in the same manner as Tiffany Studios. Some of these artisans make replicas of Tiffany designs. Others do variations inspired by Tiffany. The Meyda Tiffany Company, based in Yorkville, NY is currently the leader in Tiffany style production in the USA. Their work includes pieces inspired by a variety of well known designers such as and including Louis Comfort Tiffany.

Tiffany windows and lamps are the most popular items currently made by the artisans of today. Because lamps are needed in every home and office setting, they are perhaps the most sought after Tiffany inspired items on today’s market. Tiffany inspired lamps come in a variety of styles and shapes. Many are round, having curved shades. Others are square or oblong. In considering lamps appropriate for usage on the desk, the square and oblong shaped lamps seem most at home. These lamps are made with a variety of different bases-the gooseneck, single and double bridge arm, and the single, central base.

When choosing Tiffany inspired desk lighting, it is important to consider both design and function. It is possible to use the smaller sized compact fluorescent bulbs in most of these lamps, thus bringing their energy efficiency up to today’s standards. Most of these lamps are fixed, or nonadjustable. This does make it nice to have the work area as clear and open as possible, so that the desk lamp placement may be adjusted as necessary.
Organization and lack of clutter increase the design impact of the Tiffany desk lamps as well as their function. These lamps are not shrinking violets. They are detailed and colorful. They like being the dominant design element in their immediate area. To fully enjoy their intricacies, the surrounding area needs to be relatively quiet or calm.

While not for everyone, Tiffany desk lamps can be the perfect choice for your work area. Their color and design bring an element of the artful to an area where work predominates. It can be incredibly refreshing to glance up into glowing beauty while working at a desk or computer. And when not sitting at the desk, the Tiffany desk lamp continues to function as a piece of art work in the setting, pleasant to look at whether illuminated or not.

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